forecast error meaning in Hindi

forecast error sentence in Hindi

पूर्वानुमान त्रुटि
forecast:    पूर्वसूचना
error:    गलती त्रुटि दोष
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  1. U . K . May Not Cut Taxes, Admits Revenue Forecast Error
  2. Reference class forecasting has been developed to reduce forecast error.
  3. Combining forecasts has also been shown to reduce forecast error.
  4. _TRACKING AND PREDICTING FORECAST ACCURACY . Tracking forecast errors is fundamental to improving accuracy.
  5. The programme imbalance is the wind production forecast error.
  6. In 1964, the forecast error three days from a potential landfall was about 520 miles.
  7. Accuracy is typically measured as the average absolute forecast error for vote shares and seat shares.
  8. For example, a classic approach in dimensioning safety stocks requires calculating standard deviation of forecast errors.
  9. Because forecast errors are given, companies often carry an inventory buffer called " safety stock ".
  10. Example of a portfolio spread forecast using an ARMA model and the associated forecast error bounds
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