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  1. His wartime ordeals tended in ways to bear out the forebodings.
  2. As Wiley sees it, his boyhood forebodings have all come true.
  3. The man on the street apparently harbors the same forebodings.
  4. No forebodings will alarm thee, all through the night.
  5. Yet even against such grave forebodings, the day was a historic one.
  6. Johnson was obsessed with forebodings of his own mortality.
  7. And although Bartlett had forebodings about Byblos, he nonetheless made the move.
  8. They are memories, presences, and forebodings.
  9. Last Monday evening, however, Wilson and Great American II had no forebodings of evil.
  10. Out went the grad-student forebodings, in came the camp comic-book heroics.
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