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सहन करना
विरत होना
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  1. He named this sauce for his forebear Maj . Charles Abercrombie.
  2. The story of Ester and her forebears is far from unique.
  3. Her paternal forebears were traveling players and puppeteers in Renaissance Italy.
  4. Early teddies showed a clear evolutionary link with their wild forebears.
  5. Van Zandt County in West Texas was named for his forebears.
  6. Forebears have always come by the sea and they still are,
  7. Many of the threats that our forebears confronted no longer exist.
  8. She has made several trips to the land of her forebears.
  9. I grew up in the faith of our forebears and sages.
  10. Their forebears lived through two world wars and the intervening depression.
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