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  1. But Benaud went round the wicket and aimed at the bowlers'footmarks, and caused a collapse.
  2. This Holmes deduces from footmarks found in the road, on the lawn, and in the morning room.
  3. His coat tails drip with water and he leaves wet footmarks on Mrs . Tittlemouse's parlour floor.
  4. During this six-month period, thousands of pilgrims ascend the mountain to venerate the sacred footmark on the summit.
  5. He could now see her footmarks going away from him while at the same time hearing the ringing of her khingte.
  6. Lara went from 11 to 44 before Giles turned a delivery out of the footmarks to beat his advancing drive and crash into middle stump.
  7. Whilst a giant eagle protected the vulnerable child with his wings, the new born kicked through the membrane leaving a footmark on the nearby rock.
  8. "The pitch has an odd spot here and there, and maybe some footmarks will be created as the game goes on, " he said.
  9. Judging from the footmarks, it is long like a weasel or a stoat, with short stumpy legs, but bigger than either of those animals.
  10. The Australian captain started arguing with Greig as the lanky bowler's footmarks were in line with the stumps and obliterating Chappell's block mark.
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  1. a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface; "the police made casts of the footprints in the soft earth outside the window"

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