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• सांता क्लॉज़
father:    ईश्वर उत्पत्तिकार
christmas:    बड़ा दिन बड़ा दिन
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  1. There was a picture of Father Christmas taken from a chocolate wrapper.
  2. Additionally, Father Christmas mentions the boy's name in the twentieth anniversary opening.
  3. Many families tell their children stories about Father Christmas and his reindeer.
  4. Until Victorian times, Father Christmas was concerned with adult feasting and merry-making.
  5. While there, it was dressed up as Father Christmas in season.
  6. In the morning, Father Christmas left the younger Joannie a tangerine.
  7. Muammer Karabulut, the president of the Father Christmas Foundation, said Tuesday.
  8. Newspapers and retailers were urged to drop the term " Father Christmas ."
  9. Father Christmas was disappointed to find lazy, thoughtless and nasty children.
  10. Father Christmas started to be associated with the giving of gifts.
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