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• बेवकूफ़
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  1. For bait, the most common minnows are fatheads and shiners.
  2. Starts band with longtime friend, saxophonist David " Fathead " Newman.
  3. The golden shiner and the fathead minnow are rarely found.
  4. The concert also featured the Canadian group Fathead.
  5. Ontario blues band Fathead was formed in 1992.
  6. Papa John King, joined Fathead in 2013 as their guitarist replacing Ted Leonard.
  7. The fish were feeding on fathead minnows.
  8. The concert also featured the group Fathead.
  9. A Fathead graphic has also been created.
  10. Atlantic Records co-founder Herb Abramson and Ray Charles saxophonist David " Fathead"
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