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  1. Brandon Falkner said, " is a fortress ."
  2. Redshirt freshman Brandon Falkner also hopes to work into the mix.
  3. Johann married Dorothea Falkner, daughter of an Alderman of Basel.
  4. In 2010, Falkner relocated Citizen Cake to 2125 Fillmore Street.
  5. In 2008, of track from Middleton to Falkner was abandoned.
  6. Falkner tells as much of this story as the public record allows.
  7. However Elizabeth Falkner, owner of Citizen Cake, produces the best.
  8. Falkner produced an instruction manual that every teacher is required to follow.
  9. He has denied shooting Falkner, contending he was framed.
  10. It will be their first release with drummer Adam Falkner.
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