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  1. Other prelates may be granted the use of a faldstool during services, with certain limitations.
  2. In the Anglican Church, a faldstool is a desk at which a litany is recited.
  3. After being anointed, the monarch rises from the Coronation Chair and kneels down at a faldstool placed in front of it.
  4. The faldstool may be covered with silk cloth in red, green or violet, depending upon the liturgical season or the rank of the prelate.
  5. Leather was not infrequently used even for the costly and elaborate chairs of the faldstool form occasionally sheathed in thin plates of silver which Venice sent all over Europe.
  6. It is of cast bronze, sharpened with the chisel and partially gilt; it is of the curule or faldstool type and supported upon legs terminating in the heads and feet of animals.
  7. Its age has been much discussed, but Viollet-le-Duc dated it to early Merovingian times, and it may in any case be taken as the oldest faldstool in existence.
  8. She then went to the Faldstool, which had been placed before the altar, where she knelt under a canopy, which was held by the Duchesses of Norfolk, Rutland, Roxburghe.
  9. On the altar above the crypt where O'Connor was entombed after his death on May 3 at age 80, the archbishop-elect sat on a faldstool, used by a bishop in a church not ( or in this case not yet ) his own.
  10. The senior deacon, who wore a mitre, sat on a faldstool before the altar and facing the throne; the apostolic subdeacon, together with the Greek ministers, sat on the steps of the altar; while the assistant bishop and the two assistant deacons remained near the throne.
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