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• फाल्गुन
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  1. A fair is organised in Falgun Month in Baba Shyam Temple.
  2. Pohela Boishakh, Pohela Falgun is celebrated in every year at the place.
  3. You know, I first came to DU on the occasion of Pahela Falgun.
  4. A week-long fair is organised at Kaleswar on the occasion of Shivaratri in Falgun.
  5. We can go almost 1000m inside the cave during Asad to Falgun while 1200m from Chaitra to Jeth.
  6. The Falguni cattle fair is very famous in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and takes place in the Hindu month of Falgun.
  7. In every Sawan and falgun langar in Shivirs run by devotees of lord shiva and baba khatu shyamji for pilgrims ( tirth yatri ).
  8. Rang Panchami, played on Falgun Vadya Panchami involves invocation of Gods and is a part of worship of the manifest form of Gods.
  9. Every year two melas are held here, one on Amawas ( no moon night ) of Falgun month and another on amawas of Ashvin month.
  10. He was born in Jyamdi, a village of Kavre District on 5th Falgun 2020 BS . One book of poems has been published so far.
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