fainting fit meaning in Hindi

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मूर्च्छा का दौरा
fainting:    मूर्च्छा
fit:    बीमारी का चढ़ाव काम
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  1. In desperation Juliet fakes a fainting fit, which has the desired effect.
  2. A young waitingman about the house was very liable to fainting fits.
  3. Shortly after Henriette begins to suffer from spasms and fainting fits.
  4. Below, Manson has a fainting fit but Snipe catches him using both arms without difficulty.
  5. Mary, after recovering from the excessive fainting fits, falls in love with Alleyn, despite their class differences.
  6. She developed neuritis in her arm, inflammation of the nerves between the ribs, fainting fits, and sciatica.
  7. Meanwhile, a recipe stipulates a quarter of a cup of heavy cream and every non-Francais has a fainting fit.
  8. The first attested use of the expression in English was in 1572 with the meaning of " fainting fit ".
  9. The toll of the job, and of hiding her true identity, soon gave her constant chills and rheumatism, and latterly fainting fits.
  10. The girl consulted Dr Morton only after she had been ill for two years, and then only because she experienced frequent fainting fits.
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