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  1. Separately, a group of Chinese women put up placards in a hotel to accusing the Chinese government of reacting faintheartedly to the atrocities.
  2. A group of 40 women writers also demanded a U . N . investigation and suggested the Chinese government had reacted faintheartedly to the tragedy.
  3. Across the region on Sunday, people paid spirited or sheepish homage to a year gone by and set their chins firmly, or faintheartedly, in the direction of the year to come.
  4. Still, President Arnold Koller said in announcing the foundation plans, " we cannot deny that people who stood at our frontiers in extreme need were faintheartedly sent to a certain death.
  5. In a separate display of anger, Chinese women horrified at the rapes committed during the riots appealed to the United Nations to investigate the atrocities and accused their own government of reacting late and faintheartedly.

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