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  1. Failure to identify sources runs totally contrary to ethics of journalism and scholarship.
  2. The idea behind AZ is to implement this model with journalistic oversight, coupled with the ethics of journalism.
  3. He is the journalist who strictly practiced ethics of journalism in Nepal and became a role model to modern journalism.
  4. Through its global network of experienced journalists, the organization also strives to provide broad-based coverage and adhere to the ethics of journalism.
  5. "We believe that his refusal to disclose the sources of those documents follows the rules of ethics of journalism, " he said.
  6. At the top of the list should be the teaching of the ethics of journalism and right next to it the history of journalism.
  7. "I just don't think that Sanskrit and psychology help you out with the ethics of journalism, " said Patty Sullivan of Cameron Park, Calif.
  8. It added that the journalist and newspaper had acted " in good faith on an accurate factual basis " and provided " reliable and precise information in accordance with the ethics of journalism ."
  9. The article in question was written by journalist " Jamal Boudouma " after Hachemi-Idrissi published an editorial in his newspaper in which he described the al-Jarida al-Oula journalists as lacking patriotism and the ethics of journalism.
  10. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe approved in 1993 Resolution 1003 on the Ethics of Journalism which recommends journalists to respect the presumption of innocence, in particular in cases that are still " sub judice ".
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