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  1. Kaye uses a fake name, then escapes with Ethine as a hostage.
  2. He beats Ethine but asks her who she will pass the crown on to before killing her.
  3. Ethine kills Silarial with the sword she had been given, declaring that Silarial is no longer her Queen.
  4. Kaye then realises that Roiben is going to have to battle Ethine, not the knight Talathain as they assumed.
  5. Corny later gives Ethine back in exchange for the release of Luis'brother, but his brother has already been killed and all the faeries return is his body.
  6. Silarial offers Roiben a lifeline : defeat her champion and win seven years of peace while also placing Roiben's sister Ethine on the throne instead, or die trying.
  7. Ethine now holds the crown because she was Silarial's heir, but she chooses to give it to Roiben, saying " Take it and be damned . " Roiben states that his sister's hate was a fair price to pay for peace and now rules both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts; peace will be held as long as he controls both courts.
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