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  1. And some doctors and medical ethicists don't like it.
  2. Clark speaks for a large number of psychiatrists and medical ethicists.
  3. Call Don King or one of boxing's heavyweight ethicists.
  4. It is now used in affectionate derogation of reformers and ethicists.
  5. All of which makes one ethicist ask what society has wrought.
  6. Some ethicists are in favor of stricter rules governing reproductive medicine.
  7. But ethicists caution that human research in China requires special vigilance.
  8. Using corporate money to finance their programs makes many ethicists skittish.
  9. On this issue, Jewish scholars even agree with Muslim ethicists.
  10. Ethicists say an artificial heart experiment is different from any other.
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  1. a philosopher who specializes in ethics

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