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  1. Dienogest is an estrane ( C18 ) steroid and 17?-derivative.
  2. In similar manner, the estrogens possess an estrane skeleton ( C18 ), and androgens, an androstane skeleton ( C19 ).
  3. The horse's urine sample had been found to contain Estrane-3.17 Diol a substance produced by the breakdown of anabolic steroids.
  4. The estrane steroid estradiol is the most potent and prevalent hypogonadal, and transgender women, and in the treatment of certain hormone-sensitive cancers like prostate cancer and breast cancer.
  5. Estratetraenol is an estrane ( C18 ) steroid and an analogue of estradiol where the C17? hydroxyl group has been removed and a double bond has been formed between the C16 and C17 positions.
  6. The Aga Khan's team of experts argued that it was possible for a male horse to produce Estrane naturally as a breakdown product from testosterone, and that the Jockey Club's list of prohibited substances only covered those which were administered externally.
  7. Estrane ( C18 ) is the 13?-methyl variant of gonane, androstane ( C19 ) is the 10?, 13?-dimethyl variant of gonane, and pregnane ( C21 ) is the 10?, 13?-dimethyl, 17?-ethyl variant of gonane.

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