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  1. Estragole concentration in fresh tarragon leaves is about 2900 mg / kg.
  2. That healthy-looking salad might offer up some allyl isothiocyanate, caffeic acid and estragole.
  3. The phenylpropenes, including eugenol, chavicol, safrole and estragole, are derived from the monolignols.
  4. Analysis shows the presence of estragole, E, mukonal, glycosinine, mukonidine and clausine F, the pyranocarbazole alkaloid mupamine.
  5. Tarragon has an aromatic property reminiscent of anise, due to the presence of estragole, a known carcinogen and teratogen in mice.
  6. The European Union investigation revealed that the danger of estragole is minimal even at 100 1, 000 times the typical consumption seen in humans.
  7. Closely related to anethole is its isomer estragole, abundant in tarragon ( Asteraceae ) and basil ( Lamiaceae ), that has a flavor reminiscent of anise.
  8. The Scientific Committee on Food from the Health & Consumer Protection Directorate-General took a more concerned position and concluded that " Estragole has been demonstrated to be genotoxic and carcinogenic.
  9. The most important are 1, 8 cineol, linalool, citral, methyl chavicol ( estragole ), eugenol and methyl cinnamate, although hardly any basil contains all of these in any significant amount.
  10. Five major essential oils from the leaf-?-pinene, sabinene, germacrene-D, estragole and linalool-are efficacious control agents of the larvae of " Culex quinquefasciatus ", " Aedes aegypti " and " Anopheles stephensi ".

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