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  1. His assistant, Fray Juan de Estrade R�vago y A�ez succeeded him in 1562.
  2. The floor is paved with red and buff encaustic tiles, the estrade being of a richer pattern.
  3. Joachim Estrade established the first electricity company in France, the Southern Power Transmission Company ( SMTF ), in 1901.
  4. He returned to Serbia in 2006 performing at " Melos dani Estrade " in a ak as " the star of the night ".
  5. Jean-Baptiste Estrade ( a tax inspector ), Duffo ( a court official ), and the officers from the garrison were present.
  6. A native of Lot-et-Garonne in France, he served as an ensign in the Conty regiment in 1657 and then as captain in the Estrade regiment.
  7. Karadocheva has been active in the musical sphere since the age of 14, receiving encouragement from her mother to turn to opera singing, though she expressed a preference for estrade music.
  8. "We don't have big stores like the Gap that are going to hire 100 people, " said Carlos Estrade, head of the Washington Heights Business Improvement District.
  9. Paul Estrade, Betances'French biographer, assesses his legacy as an Antillean this way : " The Antilles have developed political, social and scientific ideas that have changed the world, and that Europe has used.
  10. On the " C�te de l'Estrade ",'s Kevin Seeldraeyers and's Laurens ten Dam attacked off the front of the main field, and set off in chase of the lead quartet.

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