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• उत्फुल्ल
• उत्फुल्लनशील
• लोनिया
• खिला हुआ
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  1. Rubidum indium alum is highly efflorescent very easily losing its water.
  2. It also may occur as an efflorescent crust on the walls and timbers of uranium mines.
  3. With water it forms the trihydrate, Pb ( CH 3 COO ) 2 ?H 2 O, a colourless or white efflorescent monoclinic crystalline substance.
  4. To smooth the deteriorating concrete, sweep out the efflorescent powder, fill the rough areas with floor-leveling compound, let set, and sand smooth.
  5. Jacques Longchamp called it an " immense abstract ritual, a suite of movements and of hammerings without any folkloristic " contamination ", pure music full of marvellously efflorescent rhythms, going beyond drama and tempest.
  6. It is an inorganic compound that is typically available as the pentahydrate, Na 2 S 2 O 3 ?H 2 O . The solid is an efflorescent ( loses water readily ) crystalline substance that dissolves well in water.
  7. The novel is also, of course, a magnificent melodrama, a florid Gothic romance set in dank chambers, posh drawing rooms and efflorescent gardens, a tale of love lost and regained, tragedy mourned and triumphed over, a godly sense of retribution and reward over all.
  8. It crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system with the chemical composition Cu [ UO 2 ( OH ) SO 4 ] 2 ?H 2 O . It crystallizes in the triclinic system and develops only small prism or thin to thick tabular crystals, usually occurs as flaky or spheroidal aggregates and efflorescent coatings.
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  1. bursting into flower; "flowering spring trees"

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