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• उत्फुल्ल होना
• लोनी लगाना
• खिलना
• फूलना
• फूल जाना
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  1. About three songs from Effloresce were born in that one rehearsal, and we just realized we had something special happening.
  2. By contrast the contemporaneous and efflorescing literary movement of German Romanticism was in opposition to Weimar and German Classicism, especially to Schiller.
  3. Both the hepta-and the decahydrate effloresce ( lose water ) in dry air and are partially transformed into the monohydrate thermonatrite Na 2 CO 3 "'?"'H 2 O.
  4. ""'Amputee EP " "'is the first release by British rock band Oceansize, and it was released in 1999 . It features early recordings of the songs Amputee and Saturday Morning Breakfast Show, which were featured on the album Effloresce.
  5. Oceansize often stated the bulk of their writing was the product of fruitful'jam sessions,'with Steve Durose explaining after the release of Effloresce that " our sound has just evolved really, but right from the first rehearsal, we kind of had it in the bag.
  6. It has effloresced since 1988, when the usual proprietor of this space commented on three geopolitical examples : " the D-word, " for detente; T, for taxes; and U, for unemployment . " This vogue will probably peter out in a few years, " he wrote, " after we go through the alphabet and begin to get confused about what a given letter is supposed to signify ."
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  1. become encrusted with crystals due to evaporation
  2. come into or as if into flower; "These manifestations effloresced in the past"
  3. assume crystalline form; become crystallized
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