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• फूलना
• उत्फुल्लन
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  1. It is found only as an efflorescence in very dry environments.
  2. Bynesian decay is a form of efflorescence of basic shell surface.
  3. A . Wash the efflorescence off with detergent and water.
  4. A . That white powder is efflorescence, and it is harmless.
  5. Parging may not stop the efflorescence, but it may delay it.
  6. Q : Our brick fireplace chimney is plagued with efflorescence.
  7. Efflorescence can often be removed from concrete using phosphoric acid.
  8. The efflorescence can sometimes superficially resemble a growth of mold.
  9. On Earth, two main processes form chlorides : efflorescence and precipitation.
  10. The early 1970s was a period of rapid economic growth and cultural efflorescence.
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