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• भावनाओ या विचारों को छिपाना
• छिपाना
• छिपाव
• स्वांग करना
• बहाना करना
• ढोंग करना
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  1. Ancient codes regulated the crime of a prostitute that dissimulated her profession.
  2. His early verse cleverly dissimulates his preoccupation with Immanuel Kant's philosophy.
  3. Urs�a issued new orders to Garc�a dissimulating his desire to conquer the Itza.
  4. Ancient codes regulated in this case the crime of a prostitute that dissimulated her profession.
  5. His sword dissimulates a pistol, which he fires into Robin who jumps in front of Leatherwing.
  6. The test differed from previous methods in that there were no emotional states to emulate, dissimulate or exaggerate.
  7. The case files of the divorce revealed a considerable amount of assets which were being dissimulated around the world.
  8. Nor does it address a " systematic policy by Israel to dissimulate its crimes, " he said.
  9. With the arrival of these new members The Berzerker set about recording their follow up album " Dissimulate ".
  10. In time that angel of the second circle, it is absolutely impossible for him to lie or to dissimulate the truth.
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  1. hide (feelings) from other people

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