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  1. To achieve the objective of decarbonizing their electricity generation South Africa is employing three strategies.
  2. Alternatives to electrification, include decarbonizing pipeline gas through power to gas, biogas, or other carbon neutral fuels.
  3. In 1856, Henry Bessemer patented a steelmaking process involving oxygen blowing for decarbonizing molten iron ( UK Patent No . 2207 ).
  4. This potential synergy with the cement industry also provides environmental benefits by simultaneously reducing the waste output of the looping process and decarbonizing cement production.
  5. Some rely on the capture and further storage ( CCS ) of, while others choose decarbonizing iron and steel production, by turning to hydrogen, electricity and biomass.
  6. He says that if the trend continues to evolve more or less naturally, with business as usual, it will take another century or so to decarbonize the energy system fully.
  7. The company states : " Schneider Electric believes that we can co-create the future in a world that is becoming more electric, more digitized, more decarbonized and more decentralized, helping the world to meet these challenges.
  8. A 2015 study by Energy + Environmental Economics shows that a hybrid approach of decarbonizing pipeline gas, electrification, and energy efficiency can meet carbon reduction goals at a similar cost as only electrification and energy efficiency in Southern California.
  9. To some extent, France served as a model country for delegates attending COP21 because it is one of the few developed countries in the world to decarbonize electricity production and fossil fuel energy while still providing a high standard of living.
  10. As carbon offset methane injected into the high pressure gas transmission grid will be distributed equally to all gas end users : transport, heat, industry and power generators, enhanced revenue earned by CfD supported gas fired power stations can be used to underwrite the decarbonizing of the gas grid.

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