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  1. In late 2014, Heard prepared a discussion paper for the Sydney Institute on his blog, Decarbonise SA.
  2. The energy supply must be " almost completely decarbonised " by 2050, with renewables as its main source.
  3. Caller Ben Heard from Decarbonise SA entered the discussion and described a fast breeder reactor which was being constructed in another country.
  4. The final stage of the Review was published in March 2008, and gave recommendations on how the Government can play a role in decarbonising transport.
  5. He states that we need to and can decarbonise power, accurately price and account for externalities, and put sustainability at the heart of business strategies.
  6. In this scenario nearly 60 % of the power generated in 2040 comes from renewables, almost half of this from wind and solar PV . The power sector is largely decarbonised.
  7. In March 2015 he spoke in the European Parliament, saying that plants need carbon dioxide as food, so " if you succeed in decarbonising Europe, our crops will have no natural gas to grow from ".
  8. Given that electricity and gas can both be decarbonised with equal facility, and at nearly equal low costs, there is no need to introduce an onerous EPS with a view to largely'squeezing'gas fired electricity generation off the grid by 2030.
  9. Carbon negative gas can be produced from mixed wastes, biomass and coal at large scale at a cost of around 45 to 50 p / therm, 1 / 6th DECC and OFGEM's projected 2030 cost per unit energy of decarbonised electricity of ?00 / MWh.
  10. Battery electric vehicles ( BEVs ) can deliver strong CO 2 savings with a decarbonised electric grid, but are expected to have significantly higher costs than internal combustion engine vehicles and hybrid cars to 2030, as the latter are expected to be the most popular models by 2030.

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