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  1. A typical datasheet has either the precise or the estimated coordinates.
  2. :: : The datasheet says the supply has overcurrent protection.
  3. The type and source of data are usually stated on the datasheet.
  4. See the tables of the duration of copyright datasheet for more info.
  5. :The datasheet says it's a 32-bit card.
  6. Here, for example, is a M16C Microcontroller or this Pentium datasheet.
  7. I am currently loking at this datasheet from Atmel.
  8. :: Its datasheet recommends a 450 watt power supply for the entire system.
  9. :The specific LED you are using will have a datasheet with that information.
  10. A mention of FINO appears in the Signetics 25120 write-only memory joke datasheet.
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