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  1. According to Datamation, Wang announced " everything but the kitchen sink.
  2. Datamation sales representative Chumpol Khocharean told The Associated Press.
  3. She also endorses the It Brand DATAMATION.
  4. Datamation subscribers voted on 75 nominees in 13 different categories ranging from operating systems to routers to database servers.
  5. In the 1960s Digitek advertised frequently in " Scientific American " and " Datamation " magazines.
  6. At Bangkok's sprawling Datamation computer store, shoppers weren't just browsing, they were looking to buy.
  7. In March 2016, Matt Hartley picked a list of best Linux distributions for Datamation; he chose Ubuntu as number one.
  8. That year Datamation ranked it the world's 75th largest information technology company, and the world's 13th largest minicomputer manufacturer.
  9. The organisation behind InfoQ is explained in http : / / quinstreetenterprise . com / about _ us-it also publishes the magazine Datamation.
  10. In fact, the unemployment rate for computer techies 50 years old and over is a whopping 17 percent, according to Datamation, an on-line magazine.
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