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  1. Dataphone has its own national network for data and telephony.
  2. Dataphone delivers PSTN telephony and IP-telephony through its own network.
  3. Dataphone also provides collocation and hosting from its server facilities in Stockholm, Sweden.
  4. The network also allows Dataphone to offer wholesale and carrier services to other national and international operators.
  5. All of Dataphone's contacts were with a frontman who previously has collaborated with Rami, TT reported.
  6. The Swedish Internet provider, Mikael Hugo of the Dataphone company, said that at first he was unaware of the homepage connection to Rami.
  7. "' Dataphone Scandinavia AB "'is a Swedish national and independent telecom operator and ISP that offers data communication solutions to businesses.
  8. Each would consist of a Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC ) PDP-11 computer, dataphone interfaces, and interfaces that would attach them directly to the mainframe computers.
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