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  1. Thousands of darners have found their way to contemporary collections.
  2. Common wooden darners often appear at flea markets for less than $ 10.
  3. Is it possible it is some variety of darner, Aeshnidae or Aeshna?
  4. Darner was named the 2015 NABC UPS DII National Coach of the Year.
  5. Gibson had sold Darner his interest in the health club clinics, investigators said.
  6. This particular diagram is close in likeness to that of a Green Darner dragonfly.
  7. She left school at 14 and worked as a darner in Derryvale weaving factory.
  8. The 1920s marked the height of patented darners, when 17 distinct models were recognized.
  9. The next day the couple stumbled upon two more darners and their collection was born.
  10. Darner pledged continued assistance in the investigation.
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  1. a person who mends by darning

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