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• नखरेबाज़
• अपने सौंदर्य से पुरुषों को मोहित करने वाली

• चपला
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  1. There he encounters an alluring Coquette and an apparently spellbound Sleepwalker.
  2. She is an incorrigible coquette and has a relish for flirtation.
  3. He died in Marnes-la-Coquette, near Paris.
  4. The series marks Coquette's first foray into game shows.
  5. This time the girls are coquettes and Spanky winds up in drag.
  6. Among the titles : " The Coquette,"
  7. The colours permeate the senses with coquette interplay, and mesmeric effect.
  8. Love me or hate me, the coquette says.
  9. After the Schmitz Sisters disbanded, she and a sister formed the Coquettes.
  10. Coquette, 1927, director, co-author.
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  1. a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
    synonyms:flirt, vamp, vamper, minx, tease, prickteaser
  1. talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions; "The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries"; "My husband never flirts with other women"
    synonyms:chat up, flirt, dally, butterfly, coquet, romance, philander, mash

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