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  1. The ceremonies are contrived, but these are world-class contrivers who know how to reach inside you.
  2. John Evelyn, a fellow member of the Royal Society, found Povey " a nice contriver of all elegancies and exceedingly formal ".
  3. The dedication to a masque by Francis Beaumont performed at Whitehall in 1613 describes Bacon as the " chief contriver " of its performances at Gray's Inn and the Inner Temple.
  4. should be read to define witches as " the popish ( Catholic ) rout, the contrivers of charms to " delude the people . " ( emphasis in original ).
  5. According to Wood he was conveyed from Flanders to Rome, where, by command of the pope, he was, as a contriver of new doctrine, thrust into a dungeon of the Inquisition.
  6. When Mary escaped to Dunbar, Lindsay fled to England with the other contrivers of Rizzio's murder, but the queen pardoned him, Morton, and others shortly before the murder of Darnley.
  7. In December 1648 Barkstead was appointed one of the king's trial, he says : " I was no contriver of it within or without, at that time I was many miles from the place, and did not know of it until I saw my name in a paper . . . what I did, I did without any malice ".
  8. His " Second Grand Trio, for Pianoforte, Violin and Violoncello ", op . 22, was reviewed in 1831 : " This was performed by Mr . Neate at one of his concerts . . . . The first movement is the least striking of the whole . . . . The " Andante " . . . will gain the suffrages of all who possess real taste . . . . The Minuet and Trio have both a great deal of that very rare commodity, originality, and abound in spirit well kept up . . . . The finale, differing in style from the other parts of the Trio, derives much of its effect from contrast . . . . This work requires a superior pianist to execute it, but it exhibits none of those freaks which only the contriver of them can play . . . ."
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  1. a person who makes plans

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