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• बंद होना
• आराम करना
conk:    सिर पर प्रहार नाक
out:    हड़ताल पर बहाना
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  1. That way, you might get a little relaxation before you conk out.
  2. But what if Cristy s magic diet pills begin to conk out?
  3. What is DVD and should I buy one when the VCR conks out?
  4. Those who drive their cars till the engines conk out may not mind.
  5. Because if the $ 1, 000 person conks out, you've lost it ."
  6. Benny rolls his eyes like he always does when Cal's apparatus conks out.
  7. Just moments into taping " Politically Incorrect, " one of the cameras conks out.
  8. First, his character's luxury Jeep conks out on a lonely stretch of desert highway.
  9. Spirit probably will conk out before reaching the hills, however.
  10. Tommy finally spots the survivors, but his engine conks out.
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  1. use up all one''s strength and energy and stop working; "At the end of the march, I pooped out"
    synonyms:, , ,
  2. stop operating or functioning; "The engine finally went"; "The car died on the road"; "The bus we travelled in broke down on the way to town"; "The coffee maker broke"; "The engine failed on the way to town"; "her eyesight went after the accident"
    synonyms:, , , , , , ,

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