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  1. In fruit, the glomerules of flowers form connate hard clusters.
  2. They enclose the fruit tightly, without becoming connate to it.
  3. The inconspicuously three-lobed perianth consists of three connate tepals.
  4. Gynoecium : superior ovary, tricarpelate, connate and trilocular.
  5. It is called " Connate Permanence " It shall release in September 2007.
  6. The opposite bracts are not connate to each other.
  7. The four-lobed perianth consists of four half-connate unequal tepals.
  8. The gynoecium has three connate carpels with the nectary on top of the gynoecium.
  9. The 2-5-lobed perianth consists of two to five connate tepals.
  10. The four sepals are connated on the basis.
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  1. of similar parts or organs; closely joined or united; "a connate tomato flower"
  1. related in nature; "connate qualities"

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