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  1. Carrington was an amateur conjuror and was critical towards some paranormal phenomena.
  2. Zuckerbrot proposed recording the development of " The Conjuror ".
  3. Aran was the court conjuror and advisor for Stormwind's king.
  4. It starred conjuror Paul Daniels and wife Debbie McGee.
  5. James David Parker is an international award wining conjuror and the philosophical illusionist.
  6. Anderson is a conjuror who can pull a chuckle out of any old hat.
  7. He worked as a conjuror before becoming a prolific illustrator of children s books.
  8. In 1749 a hoaxer billed as The Bottle Conjuror was advertised to appear at the theatre.
  9. The wit of his patter marked a departure from the pseudo scientific style of earlier conjurors.
  10. He earned the nickname " the Conjuror ", because he was magic on the field.
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  1. a witch doctor who practices conjury
  2. someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience
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