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  1. His comedietta " Rustication " was produced at the Boston Museum while he was a sophomore.
  2. Actress Pearl Eytinge initially produced them and wrote a comedietta for them called " Mr Cupid ".
  3. The following month Lee reprised her role in productions of " Kind to a Fault " and later appeared with Burnett in the comedietta, " The Happy Pair ".
  4. His comedietta " Weeds ", the first of a long list of ephemeral pieces, mainly farcical, was written for the Kendals, and produced at the Prince of Wales's Theatre, Birmingham, opening on 16 November 1874.
  5. There she and Burnett played Mr . and Mrs . Honeyton in the comedietta, " The Perfect Pair "; Fanny Curry and Mr . Dabster in the farce playlette " Dabster Done "; and in November Lee was Wanda, the peasant girl, to Galton's Grand Duchess in an adaptation of " La Grande-Duchesse de G�rolstein " and Fleurette to Galton's Boulotte in Barbe-bleue ".
  6. In 1916, three years after its London production, while the UK was in the midst of the Broadway premiere of " Great Catherine " in repertory with another one-act Shaw play, " The Inca of Perusalem : An Almost Historical Comedietta ", and Lord Dunsany's one-act fantastic drama of ancient Egypt, " The Queen's Enemies ", which included, among its cast members, twenty-nine-year-old future director George Abbott.
  7. The musical play, " Franceses Doria ", for which he wrote the songs and the music, was produced at the Princess's Theatre, London, on 3 March 1849, and published in the same year . " The Toymakers ", an operetta, was brought out at Covent Garden Theatre by the English Opera Company on 19 November 1861 . " Law versus Love ", comedietta in one act, by him, was performed at the Princess's Theatre on 6 December 1862.
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