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  1. The chubby comedienne high up on Stern's hate list.
  2. Before graduating from high school, she was named school comedienne.
  3. A : The actress-comedienne tries to keep her identity secret.
  4. Numerous celebrities, including comedienne Margaret Cho, made appearances.
  5. Canadian comedienne Mary Walsh will host the gala event Nov . 11.
  6. Priscilla quickly became known as the comedienne of the group.
  7. She has the dash and natural flippancy of a comedienne.
  8. Ikonen was an intelligent comedienne and a skillful character actress.
  9. She's the comedienne, and I'm the drama queen.
  10. Locklear proved to be a dead-on comedienne.
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  1. a female comedian
  2. a female actor in a comedy

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