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  1. A 650cc twin carburettor engine was installed which was capable of.
  2. The Fish carburettor improved over a number of other limitations too.
  3. The engine was the 1897 cc Crown with twin SU carburettors.
  4. Carburettor icing was ruled out as a cause of the accident.
  5. A four-carburettor version produced, a six-carburettor one.
  6. A four-carburettor version produced, a six-carburettor one.
  7. Some markets also got a single Zenith-Stromberg carburettor.
  8. It is possible the engine failed due to a wrongly installed carburettor.
  9. The B19A engine also featured some modifications, including twin Solex carburettors.
  10. Some uprated 1991 cc models were fitted with twin carburettors.
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  1. mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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