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  1. Oxidizing or carburizing heat sources may also affect the final result.
  2. The process is environmentally friendly ( in comparison to gaseous or solid carburizing ).
  3. In the experiment, a heated carburizing gas mixture was sent over powdered cobaltosic oxide.
  4. Reducing agents are not used with steel casting, because they can carburize the metal during casting.
  5. In gas and liquid carburizing, the workpieces are often supported in mesh baskets or suspended by wire.
  6. The master smith had to select bits of low carbon iron, carburize the surface of a finished product.
  7. New methods of producing it by carburizing bars of iron in the cementation process were devised in the 17th century.
  8. The carburized section will have a carbon content high enough that it can be hardened again through flame or induction hardening.
  9. A production packer is designed to grip and seal against the carburized teeth that dig into the metal of the casing.
  10. A main goal when producing carburized workpieces is to ensure maximum contact between the workpiece surface and the carbon-rich elements.
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  1. unite with carbon; "carburize metal"
    synonyms:, ,

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