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  1. Suzuki opted for complicated multi-stage carburation, whilst Garside choose simple carburetors.
  2. Many of the cars'engines were retrofitted with superchargers and multiple carburation to improve performance.
  3. A larger 394 cubic-inch Rocket V8 with four-barrel carburation rated at was standard on the Super 88.
  4. He first made one lap on his car, then moved to the vehicle of his teammate Clemente Biondetti, which had carburation problems.
  5. Other than the radiator grilles and the carburation there was little difference between the standard Bentley R Type and the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn.
  6. These included a bespoke cylinder head which incorporated hemispherical combustion chambers, altered valve timing, new inlet and exhaust manifolds as well as different carburation.
  7. For its l935 record runs, the Meteor was fitted with special dual carburation, higher compression and camshafts to develop 400 horsepower at 4, 500 rpm.
  8. Despite spending nearly two minutes in the pits to rectify carburation problems, he won comfortably from Peter Williams ( Arter Matchless ) and Frank Perris on a Suzuki.
  9. The early R Type Continental has essentially the same engine as the standard R Type, but with modified carburation, induction and exhaust manifolds along with higher gear ratios.
  10. Douglas determined that the Fw 190 was superior to the Spitfire V and also concluded that the Spitfire IX was also inferior in the climb and acceleration owing to negative G carburation.
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