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  1. That represents the Capoid " first nation peoples " of South Africa.
  2. The "'Capoid "'historical racial category proposed in 1962 by anthropologist Carleton S . Coon and named after the Cape of Good Hope; these people had formerly been regarded as a sub-type of the historical racial category Negroid.
  3. This new division was proposed because of the very different appearance of those of the " Capoid race " from others of what was formerly called the " Negroid race " ( epicanthic eye folds ), prominent cheekbones and pepper corn hair texture.
  4. He discarded the term " Negroid " as misleading since it implies skin-tone, which is found at low latitudes around the globe and is a product of adaptation, and defined skulls typical of sub-Saharan Africa as " Congoid " and those of Southern Africa as " Capoid ".
  5. These five groupings together with two other additional groupings called the Australoid race ( 1940s ) and the Capoid race ( early 1960s ), making a total of seven groupings in all, are today known as the " traditional racial classifications " or the " historical definition of race ".
  6. Positing the Capoid race as a separate racial entity, and labeling the two major divisions of what he called the " Congoid race " as being the " African Negroes " and the " Pygmies, " he divided indigenous Africans into these two distinct groups based on their date of origin, and loosened classification from mere appearance  however, this led to disagreement between approaches to dating divergence, and consequent conflicting results.
  7. In the Out of Africa theory, the ancestors of the Australoids, the Proto-Australoids, are thought to have been the first branch off from the Proto-Capoids to migrate from Africa about 60, 000 BCE . This migration is hypothesized to have taken place along the now submerged continental shelf of the northern shore of the Indian Ocean, reaching Australia about 50, 000 BCE . However, the suggested Proto-Australoid Proto-Capoid link has been contested.
  8. These latter include " the Australians, Bushmen, Negritos, Andaman Islanders, etc . " All these aforementioned groups mentioned by Blavatsky except the purported " wild men of Borneo " ( not to be confused with the famous circus duo, the Wild Men of Borneo ) are part of what was in the late 19th and most of the 20th century was called the Australoid race ( except for the Bushmen, part of the Capoid race ), both of which races, as noted above, were believed by traditional Theosophists to have been descended from the Lemurians.

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