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  1. In La Cabana, he slept in the bunk above me.
  2. I'm now in the cabana by the swimming pool.
  3. Admission to the Instituto Cultural Cabanas, less than $ 2.
  4. That rebel group disbanded after Cabanas was killed in a shootout.
  5. Outside, a large swimming pool is surrounded by private cabanas.
  6. As many as three cabanas can be connected for large groups.
  7. Cabana's crew includes pilot Frederick " Rick"
  8. Petrona-Cabanas collapsed and later was taken to a hospital.
  9. Petrona-Cabanas was taken to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.
  10. No cabanas higher than the next door neighbor's house.


  1. a small tent used as a dressing room beside the sea or a swimming pool

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