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  1. Samuel Vital was the author of both cabalistic and rabbinical works.
  2. Cabalistic themes influence his novel " The Human Chord ".
  3. One might imagine a cabalistic mystique to accompany his passion for the obscure.
  4. Agrippa's academic career began in 1509, receiving the patronage cabalistic ideas.
  5. Fano also wrote notes to many cabalistic works.
  6. Azulai enumerates twenty-four cabalistic treatises by Fano, part being in manuscript.
  7. Less chance of a cabalistic subculture.
  8. In 1888, De Guaita founded the " Cabalistic Order of the Rosicrucian ".
  9. For his cabalistic views he quotes Recanate and Joseph Sar Shalom, but not the Zohar.
  10. But that Cabalistic strain in Spanish cinema runs very deep, and Medem is part of it.
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  1. having a secret or hidden meaning; "cabalistic symbols engraved in stone"; "cryptic writings"; "thoroughly sibylline in most of his pronouncements"- John Gunther
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