burgeon meaning in Hindi

[ 'bə:dʒən ] sound:
burgeon sentence in Hindi
• कली
• किसलय
• फटना
• फैलना
• बढ़ना
• मुकुलित होना
• फलना फूलना
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  1. VIRGIN burgeon emergin'mergin'sturgeon surgeon surgin'urgin'
  2. The cult of common stock says cash flow burgeons into perpetuity.
  3. But Warnock said it could take off as on-line communications burgeon.
  4. Medical expenses too will burgeon as people get older.
  5. As a result, clouds will thicken and showers and thunderstorms will burgeon.
  6. Though the markup is meager, sheer sales volume makes those numbers burgeon.
  7. And as Internet use burgeons, so will fears.
  8. By Tuesday morning, mountain thunderstorms were beginning to burgeon over the same region.
  9. Clusters of thunderstorms will again burgeon across Texas.
  10. The cases could burgeon into full-blown political scandals if Rubinstein recommends prosecution.
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  1. grow and flourish; "The burgeoning administration"; "The burgeoning population"

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