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  1. In High Burgage is a corner shop and a post office.
  2. Burgage plots ran down to the river from each house.
  3. In 1656, a Bridewell was built on the Burgage.
  4. Forms no longer used include socage and burgage.
  5. In South Zeal in Devon burgage plots were known as " borough acres ".
  6. The right to vote rested with the occupiers of around a hundred burgage tenements.
  7. Its origins as a burgage are most evident at the rear of the property.
  8. The house, Burgage Manor, is privately owned and not open to the public.
  9. His officials were to lay out burgage plots for traders, artisans, and shopkeepers.
  10. The Gresle family directly leased land to tenants and created burgage tenements for indirect rent.
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