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• बर्गा
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  1. The governor warmed up to Burga and the crowd right away.
  2. "I worry about what we do, " Burga said.
  3. With FIFA's approval, the FPF later reappointed Burga.
  4. There's still concern, " said Burga, formerly a steelworker.
  5. Burga said electing Gore is the top priority.
  6. Burga, the state AFL-CIO president, was pleased with Taft's speech.
  7. Bill Burga thought he had done everything right Tuesday, and he was expecting a triumph.
  8. His parents were William de Vesci and Burga de Stuteville, daughter of Robert III de Stuteville.
  9. In Alaska this severe north-easterly wind is known as Burga and brings snow and ice pellets.
  10. Trade deficits, said Ohio AFL-CIO president Burga, are bad for unions and for the country.
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