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bourn sentence in Hindi
• सरिता
• सीमा
• किनारा
• छोर
• धारा
• पैदा

• बोर्न
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  1. "The undiscover'd country, from those whose bourn
  2. Peter Brindsen, from Bourn Hall fertility clinic told Channel Four.
  3. He said up to 900 embryos at Bourn Hall faced destruction.
  4. Bourn then asked for support within the Napa County wine industry.
  5. Other active airfields nearby include the former RAF bases at Bourn.
  6. Children now attend primary school in the neighbouring village of Bourn.
  7. There are hedgerows, meadows and woodland, plus Bourn Brook.
  8. Bourn has existed as a settlement for over a thousand years.
  9. In 1720 Bourn succeeded Henry Winder at Tunley, near Wigan.
  10. Bourn Hall also led the way in offering in vitro fertilisation surrogacy.
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  1. an archaic term for a goal or destination
  2. an archaic term for a boundary

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