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  1. So do the details of Greenspan's bourgeoning friendship with Bill Clinton.
  2. In the north, Canopus nurtures Rohanda's bourgeoning humanoids and accelerates their evolution.
  3. Bloggers . SG was an important step in helping the bourgeoning sense of community in the Singaporean blogosphere materialize.
  4. Its bourgeoning economy has contributed to the regional attractions of landscapes filled with fragrant orange and pineapple gardens and tea plantations.
  5. So thoroughly drawn to the practice was Case that he since has become the leading authority on a small but bourgeoning industry.
  6. Although Forrester became well known for its coverage of the bourgeoning Web, only 35 percent of its reports were Internet-related during the dot-com revolution.
  7. The foundations for this science derive from the bourgeoning academic research on behavior in organizations, particularly academic studies of the links between various workforce management practices and performance.
  8. The 99-seat pavilion provides a much-needed home for the theatre s bourgeoning youth programs, and is an intimate stage ideal for new and experimental theatre works.
  9. The United States views its bourgeoning trade deficit with China with growing concern and wants Beijing to open its markets wider, a top U . S . trade official said Monday.
  10. The town, along with Susquehanna County, is best known as the location of significant Marcellus shale drilling, putting Montrose in the center of the bourgeoning natural gas industry of the 21st century.
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