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  1. In 1992, the exhibition focused on graphic novels, with the participation of Fran�ois Bourgeon.
  2. In this way he created for Bourgeon the futuristic equivalent of the thorough documentation which had always been the basis for his previous series.
  3. In some instances Bourgeon would choose to make himself some of those background sketches, and he would later show them to Lacroix for his opinion.
  4. The publisher has undertaken reprinting of previously successful works by Fran�ois Bourgeon, " Les Passagers du vent " ( the Passengers of the Wind ) and " Le Cycle de Cyann " ( The Cycle of Cyann ).
  5. Elgar and the Great War " has many historical recordings including Une voix dans le d�sert with " Quand nos bourgeons se rouvriront ", a 1985 recording with Alvar Lidell ( narrator ), Valerie Hill ( soprano ) and the Kensington Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leslie Head
  6. Lacroix, an old friend and collaborator of Bourgeon from times pre-dating those of his other series, created the decors and many of the more important objects of the Cyann series by making sketches and drawings and paintings, and also a few solid three-dimensional models at times.
  7. During a hasty reconnoitre late on 9 May, Cumberland, K�nigsegg, and Waldeck found the French fortifying the hamlet of Fontenoy; they also discovered the enemy's Campbell moved to take Vezon, where Cumberland subsequently moved his headquarters; while the Dutch on the left possessed themselves of Bourgeon.
  8. A new comics magazine, " Circus ", first appeared in 1975 and existed until 1989 . But the next few years saw Gl�nat move more away from the traditional juvenile Franco-Belgian comics and more towards the graphic novel, with an emphasis on their successful historical series by Fran�ois Bourgeon and Andr?Juillard.
  9. The French title " " Quand nos bourgeons se rouvriront " " literally translates into " " When our buds shall re-open " ", but in the English version of the lyrics, by Cammaerts'wife Tita Brand, it became " " When the spring comes round " ".
  10. Her father dedicated the rest of his life to publishing her works and memories, such as : " Bourgeons d Avril ", " Fant�sies et R�ves ", " Chevalerie ", " Confidences en Canevas et Th��tre ", " L�gendes et Contes ", works which were published in Romanian.
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