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  1. Hurricane Frank, expensive and blustery, had found its target.
  2. The day was gray and blustery, but not a spoiler.
  3. Most of the interior Southeast will be blustery and cooler Wednesday.
  4. It's a cold, blustery night in New York.
  5. On a blustery Scottish day, Carnoustie is a potential nightmare.
  6. But this was a suicidal tactic on such a blustery day.
  7. Koryakovtseva said, zipping up her coat against blustery March weather.
  8. One blustery winter day she gave a street person her scarf.
  9. On an overcast, blustery Saturday morning, the native returned.
  10. If the wind remains as blustery, count on high scores.


  1. blowing in violent and abrupt bursts; "blustering (or blusterous) winds of Patagonia"; "a cold blustery day"; "a gusty storm with strong sudden rushes of wind"
  2. noisily domineering; tending to browbeat others

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