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  1. The " famous Toccata and Fugue ", BWV 565, is " therefore, not the blusterous piece that many recognize.
  2. A crowd gathered at the edge of one ruined apartment block and watched as a husky, blusterous German shepherd _ so different from the scrawny village dogs _ bounded zestfully across the rubble with a team of French volunteers in bright red jumpsuits following him.
  3. The fact he predicted he'd knock out Lennox Lewis in the third round when the two meet March 13 in New York isn't entirely outrageous, although it's a bit out of character for a fighter not known for blusterous comments.
  4. After a vote count that dragged on for more than two weeks, Rep . Robert Dornan, the most blusterous Republican conservative on Capitol Hill, finally went down to defeat Friday, narrowly vanquished in his bid for a 10th term by a liberal Democrat and political novice, Loretta Sanchez.


  1. blowing in violent and abrupt bursts; "blustering (or blusterous) winds of Patagonia"; "a cold blustery day"; "a gusty storm with strong sudden rushes of wind"

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