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  1. And in a world of blusterers, politeness can be confused with colorlessness.
  2. Shingebis obeyed the summons, and sent the blusterer howling to his home.
  3. In conversation, Siegel is more like a gentle, thoughtful bear than a blusterer.
  4. I don't want a buddy, a blusterer, a scolder, a nag.
  5. He specialized in villains and blusterers.
  6. Joe Theismann ( ESPN )-- OK, he's a blusterer and occasionally obnoxious.
  7. But Archie, the blusterer who worked on a loading dock, was by far his most memorable accomplishment.
  8. The " man, " of course, is Sheridan Whiteside, professional raconteur and perpetual blusterer.
  9. Even Teddy Roosevelt, the very personification of bold action, was in the eyes of many just a blusterer.
  10. Not just the strutting, trustbusting, game-hunting blusterer, all teeth and mustache, who struts across the American imagination.


  1. a person who causes trouble by speaking indiscreetly

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