blights meaning in Hindi

blights sentence in Hindi
• तुषार
• नुक़सान
• पाला
• हानि
• तुषारपात
• अंगमारी
• अभिशाप
• क्षति
• मुरझाना
• विनाश करना
• पाला मारना
• हानि पहुंचाना
• कुम्हलाना
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  1. A few years ago, oak blight struck the Prayer Tree.
  2. Zack, the liberals agree, is a blight on society.
  3. Similarly exasperating design features blight countless other recently issued boxed sets.
  4. A : Fire blight is a bacterial disease that attacks pears.
  5. When the phylloxera blight hit, there was a serious retrenchment.
  6. Like a lot of other cities, Flint has its blights.
  7. The blight along Highway 93 is occluded by the rolling terrain.
  8. The mighty elm and chestnut have fallen to insects and blights.
  9. Poverty, capable of stunting lives, can also blight films.
  10. Once the blight has taken hold, there is no cure.
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